Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dota 2 Weapon - Luna Glaive

I didn't post this before, so I thought I would do it now. I made an item for Luna in Dota 2 and submitted it to the Steam Workshop last month. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=267670738

Final Promo image:

In engine:

In-game shots:

Hi-poly = 400 tris, Low-poly = 250 tris

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Thesis, Part II - Finals

Since I recently graduated from the Game Art program at Ringling College I guess it's about time I shared my senior thesis. So here are my finals from thesis, Garthrun & Toss!

Final Thesis:

Final beauty shots of my environments:

 My main focus was on the Spider Queen's environments as well as Toss (the little creature buddy), but I had my hands on pretty much everything. It was a fun project, and I'm pretty satisfied with how it came out. I'm really excited to try new things though, and I'll have lots more to post in the future 8D

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thesis, Part 1 - WIP Shots

Long time no post o_o   Because for the last year I've mainly been working on thesis. Now I'm done! My thesis was called Garthrun & Toss and I worked with a partner, Melanie Morillo.

It would be boring to only post all the finals, so I'm going to post some process pictures first. I'll make another post later with all the final stuff.

Here are some WIP shots of my main environment, an interior throne room for the Spider Queen. I combined a lot of Gothic architecture and spider-like fantasy elements for her entire castle theme.

Same room, looking back towards the doorway.

Then I added on to the throne room environment with an extended hallway and entrance area. This extended environment was later cut, because we didn't need it and there wasn't enough time to show it off in the shots of the trailer.

More of the extended hallway/throne room entrance area.

My beginning modular pieces to the exterior of the Queen's castle.

WIP Spider Queen castle render. The castle itself hangs upside down from the giant cavern ceiling. I later consolidated the side structures to make it smaller overall, and curved all the legs near the top outward so they were more like spider-legs.

WIP castle close-up.

Concept art from DFA class of our thesis' main characters.

Block out of my Toss character model.

Toss render in Maya. This was just before beginning the texturing phase.

Hope you enjoyed some process stuff! Next post will be all the thesis finals.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lowpoly Boss & Final Projects

I finished my Boss character's lowpoly, and rigged him for animation.

His WIP high-poly sculpt:

Final lowpoly contact sheet:

Planning to re-do this turn-around with his ornaments on him.

Here are some other final projects I had in 3D - a Robert Downey Jr. caricature bust, and a quick griffon teapot sculpt I did for practice. 3D really fell by the wayside this semester with Pre-Pro for Thesis and DFA, since my thesis is the main thing I'll be working on all next year. I'm excited for it 8D I'll post a bit more about my thesis project later, but most of it has to be kept secret until it's finished.

WIP Sculpt:
I finished the textures for him in a couple hours, not very satisfied with it, but maybe I'll come back to it another day.